Whenever talking about power distribution and electricity sensors, there is one name that automatically stands out: Lindsey Manufacturing Company. It is really hard to argue with this since we are faced with a true industry standard that is practically set up through the huge quality that is offered by sensors.

Why are Lindsey Sensors considered to be industry standards? They do make distribution and transmission smarter, with some facts of high importance that need to be highlighted.

Completely Real-Time Accurate Measurements

When referring to power measurements, we need to think about both transmission and distribution. Lindsey Manufacturing manages to offer great sensor solutions for both of these situations.

  • Distribution Measurements

The Lindsey sensors manage to offer incredible reliability and accurate current and voltage monitoring. Solutions offered can be used for distribution applications that are submersible underground, pad-mounted, overhead or in substations. Voltage accuracy is an impressive 0.5%, harmonic performance is high and we have zero phase shift. These are the characteristics that make the Lindsey sensors for monitoring, Volt control and different distribution applications that are automated.

  • Transmission Measurements

When analyzing the transmission applications, we have the Lindsey trademarked TLM conductor monitoring that offers truly unparalleled insights into how conductors behave. This does include assessing vibration, current, temperature and even clearance-to-ground. TLM offers all the data that the SMARTLINE DLR by Lindsey needs for higher work efficiency.

Getting Access To A Much Better Power Grid

Lindsey Manufacturing has been in the business ever since the year 1987. Ever since then it managed to supply, craft and develop sensors that are perfectly serving the power industry. We are talking about services that are practically setting industry standards.

The medium voltage divider based current and voltage sensors launched by the company are embedded right into insulators and are now referred to under the term “Lindsey sensors”. Basically, hundreds of thousands of such sensors are now installed and working all around the world. This is a true industry standard that appeared because of many reasons, including:

  • 1% accuracy, great harmonic response and practically zero phase shift on current and voltage. Modern control applications are properly monitored.
  • MTBF (mean time between failures) that currently exceed 10,000 years. This offers unprecedented reliability that is impossible to match.
  • Absolutely all mechanical and electrical requirements are met through construction, covering post insulators and offering truly endless options for installations.

As years passed, Lindsey managed to constantly improve the technology that is offered. Everything was extended to cover underground systems. For instance, the Lindsey 600A Elbow Sense sensor is protected by stainless steel housing. This is perfect for underground use.

While all the sensors mentioned are a stable, nothing is as advanced as the TLM Monitor from Lindsey Manufacturing. This is a truly unique product that was created to offer a live data feed, which is needed for reliable and accurate DLR and line clearance compliance documenting.

To sum up, Lindsey sensors are the best in the industry. The TLM line practically expanded the technology and thanks to a partnership with Iridium, everything is better than it could have been imagined some years ago.