TeamworkSales departments can be  challenging places. Staff is continuously dealing with a myriad of customers displaying varying moods and attitudes, that sometimes don’t react positively to the team’s efforts. Despite that, sales teams must be at their full capacity and engaged to increase the chances of closing a deal.

That’s why keeping sales personnel motivated is crucial. A team that is engaged and invested in what they are doing will always outperform even experienced teams that lacks motivation.

Having a motivated staff will not only increase the odds of closing deals but it will keep the team invested in their jobs, increasing their engagement with the company, the relationship with their supervisors and co-workers. Perhaps most importantly, it will attract new customers.

Motivating sales personnel is easier said than done. It’s not a matter of just offering better rewards or giving a pep talk every morning – it’s about knowing your team and applying strategies that cater to their specific drives and needs. In this article, we’ll provide you with a set of tips and advice on how to properly motivate a sales staff.

Strategies for Motivating Sales Personnel

Keeping a motivated sales team requires the application of several strategies at once, followed by frequent measurement. No two companies are identical, so it is vital to make sure your tactics apply directly to what your team specializes in.

One of the most common strategies applied in sales is rewarding money or valuable rewards for achieving specific goals. This can be in the form of direct commissions for every transaction or a fixed amount for every number of closed deals. On the subject of goals, keep them clear and small. It’s better to divide one large goal into several small steps with corresponding and relevant rewards for each one, vs. a massive target that seems unachievable. Your sales team will check each little goal and feel that they are achievable quickly and tackle it right away.

Always balance comfort with productivity. Driving your team towards sales with incentives and rewards is excellent and works most of the time. However, keep in mind that workshops, meetings, and direct feedback are also required to maintain strong levels of engagement..

Take your time to listen to the feedback from your team regarding what’s working and what they’re not liking. Celebrate success as close to achievements as possible to keep them invested.


There are hundreds of other strategies you can apply in your team to motivate sales staff, check this article for more interesting tips.

You likely spend most of your day with your sales team. The only one who can measure their success is you. If you’re invested in your organization, frequently drive them towards success, and motivate them by following these simple tips and you’ll see how they open up and start feeling more engaged in their jobs.