Visitors tend to flood the Central Florida area in the summer months and again close to the Christmas holidays. Traveling outside of these seasons can have many advantages for visitors, including shorter lines at the theme parks, more temperate weather, and lower rates on airfare and hotel rooms.

Another advantage to visitors who come at less popular times of the year is the chance to experience special events that can make a vacation unique. There are several event seasons throughout the year in Orlando and the surrounding area that last weeks or even months, giving travelers a wide window of time to come experience them.

Halloween Can Last for Months

If your biggest issue with Halloween is that it only lasts one-night, Central Florida offers two solid months where you can get dressed up and get the life scared out of you repeatedly. Each of the major theme parks offers a fall themed event, aimed at different age groups:

  • Legoland and Disney World have events for younger children, with trick or treating and character meet and greets.
  • Universal Studios and Busch Gardens have scarier events for adults and teens, with haunted houses and actors dressed like zombies and ghouls behind every corner.

If you prefer to get a real scare, many of the towns in the Central Florida region have a reputation for being haunted. Cassadaga, a small city not far from Orlando, has the highest population of psychics anywhere in the United States and a cemetery where ghost sightings are common.

May is for Entertainment Lovers

Whether you prefer theater, video games, television, or movies, May is the month for entertainment lovers to meet famous actors and discover emerging stars. The Orlando Fringe Festival, held during the start of May, is the longest running festival of its kind in the United States. Held at various venues in the Loch Haven Park area, visitors can get a healthy dose of Florida sunshine while taking in theater and visual arts.

Later in the month, Megacon brings lovers of comic books, anime, and science fiction together to meet their heroes and show off their best cosplay. Visitors can meet world-famous artists and writers, get photos with iconic actors and learn more at panel discussions.

Bike Lovers Meet Twice a Year

Bikers ride into the Central Florida area twice a year to celebrate motorcycles, music and the open road. Bike Week is held in February, and many bikers return for a Central Florida vacation in October for Biketoberfest. In addition to riding around and experiencing the natural beauty of the area, visitors can take in displays from motorcycle dealers and parts makers, see bands play, and party until the sun comes up. While the two festivals started in Daytona Beach, events now take place all along the Central Florida region.

Using a Central Florida guide can help you figure out what to explore during your trip. Planning a vacation during one of these event seasons is a great way to ensure you have more to do than the same old visit to the theme parks and cater to the diverse interests of your family.