Few things compare to a family vacation when it comes to spending quality time with your kids. Exploring new places is a great way to make memories that last a lifetime. As much fun as it is to travel with your kids, there are risks involved. From medical emergencies to wildlife encounters, anything can happen.

While everyone hopes their vacation will go off without a hitch, it’s always best to prepare for the unexpected. To help make sure your travel plans run smoothly, check out these three surefire security tips for a safer vacation with your kids.

Make a Medical Plan

No one wants to think about a family member getting sick or injured on vacation, but it happens. If your family eats a bad shrimp cocktail or someone falls down a flight of stairs, you may need medical assistance. Before leaving home, put a medical plan in place.

Check with your family doctor to make sure your child’s vaccinations are up to date and if there are any health risks or diseases at your vacation destination. Find out how to contact emergency services or find a doctor in the country where you’re traveling.

The cost of medical treatment and transport can quickly add up if you don’t have proper coverage for your vacation. Purchasing additional protection, such as a MedjetAssist membership, can save you a bundle on transportation to a home-country hospital of your choice.

Hold a Safety Briefing

The excitement of being on vacation can impair a person’s ability to assess risk. Kids are no exception. When adventure calls, they’re more likely to spring into action without thinking things through first.

Start each vacation with a family safety meeting. Do a bit of research into the places you plan to visit and activities you’ll be doing to find out if there are any potential dangers. Talk about the risks, such as wildlife encounters, swimming hazards, extreme weather, and large crowds, so there are no surprises if you find yourself in a sticky situation. Discuss what to do in each case and set rules to help keep your family out of harm’s way.

Have a Separation Plan

It’s fairly common for kids to get lost in a crowd or wander off on their own. Talk to your kids about what to do if they’re separated from you. Remind your kids to never leave the area. They should stay put until you find them. If your children need help, a good option is for them to look for a mother with kids and tell her the situation. Explain to your children that if they feel threatened by a stranger and can’t find help, they can scream, “This is not my mom or dad!”

Take a new picture of your child before leaving your hotel each day of your vacation. You can give it to local authorities or show other people in the area if your child goes missing. Put your hotel’s business card in your child’s pocket and write your contact information in black marker on your child’s arm.

Family vacations are a lot of fun if everything goes according to plan. Try these three surefire security tips for a safer vacation with your kids so you can enjoy every moment of your family getaway.