Sharm el Sheikh

Contrary to what most people believe, it’s quite possible to enjoy your travels to the fullest without breaking the bank. If you are planning a trip to Sharm El Sheikh, and are on a tight budget, here are some things you can do without punching a hole in your wallet:

Enjoy a camel ride

It would be a sin if you visit Egypt and don’t ride a camel. A camel ride may not be the most comfortable physical experience of your life, but it’s the best way to explore the Sinai Desert, even after all this time. That’s the way the ancient Egyptians used to do it, and so should you. The ride is around one hour long, and after your ride, you can enjoy a cup of Bedouin tea or some shisha even, depending on your mood.

Cost: $56

Witness the natural wonder of the Colored Canyon

After a 120 km long 4-wheel drive adventure, you’ll arrive at the Colored Canyon of Sinai. Over millions of years of natural activity has resulted in this exquisitely beautiful natural wonder. Stroll along the canyon, and marvel at the colorful natural maze and the steep walls. If you can manage it, have a swim in the Red Sea on your way back.

Cost: $45

Go deep sea diving

Sharm el Sheikh is a world-famous Scuba diving destination. The Red Sea is home to the Ras Mohamed National Park, which is known for its abundance of fish and hundreds of coral types. Scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea is something you’ll cherish forever.

Cost: $60

Watch the coral reefs from a glass-bottom boat cruise

Head into the middle of the Red Sea on a glass-bottom boat cruise for 90 minutes. Look down, and witness the magical underwater world. Enjoy the ocean breeze playing music with your hair, while watching the incredibly beautiful coral reefs down below.

Cost: $20

Book a quad biking trip

Make sure that when you’re in Sharm el Sheikh, you book a quad biking trip. The trip will take you to the majestic Sinai Desert. The trips are usually two and half hours long, and can be timed to enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

Cost: $35

Stargaze with the Bedouins

You must check out the constellations from the middle of the desert when you’re in Sharm el Sheikh. Head out into the middle of the desert, have an authentic Bedouin dinner, and go stargazing with the Bedouin folk. Away from the city, and free from light pollution, you’ll see the stars twinkling like never before. The trip is around four and a half hours long.

Cost: $45

Go shopping in Dahab

If you like to shop, you’ll love the Bedouin village of Dahab. In Dahab, you’ll find beautiful prints, lamps, perfumes, leather goods and jewelry at very reasonable prices. You can also go windsurfing or Scuba diving while you’re there. There’s also a St Catherine’s Monastery.

Cost: Only you can decide that!