Whether you want to stay closer to what you know or enjoy venturing into the unknown, traveling has become a popular hobby for wanderlust folks seeking adventure. San Francisco, California, home to the Golden Gate Bridge, offers fun in every corner. It’s one of those places to visit to experience life as a Californian or, if you’re a resident, take a few days off to relax and explore more of your home state.

However, it can be hard to find where exactly your next adventure should start and end. If you want to stay at hotels in the Bay area, you’ll be surrounded on all sides by the charming atmosphere of the city. By staying right in town, you can go on these three guided tours that will show you all there is to see in San Francisco.

Vantigo Tours

Neighborhood: Located in San Francisco.

Vantigo Tours is a guided tour experience with a twist; instead of any old bus or tram, you’ll be riding around in a classic Volkswagen van. You will have the choice of touring the city, a microbrewery, or the city and Alcatraz, an island off the coast of San Francisco. Tours can be booked with the possibility of meeting new people on your ride, or you can ask for a private, customizable booking. Prices are based per person and depend on which tour you decide to reserve.

City Segway Tours

Neighborhood: Located in Fisherman’s Wharf on Jefferson Street between Jones and Leavenworth.

Bus stop: Jefferson & Taylor – 3 min walk.

If you’re looking for a tour that offers a little more activity, City Segway Tours is the way to go. With prices starting as low as $60 per person, you’ll have the chance to explore the Bay Area in style. You’ll have the choice of what type of tour you’d like to go on and what attractions you’d like to see on the ride around. The prices also include a helmet for safety purposes, a guide, and a small orientation to help you make friends with your segway.

Golden Horizon Tours

Neighborhood: Located in San Francisco between Belles and Hays.

Bus stop: Public Health Services District – 2 min walk.

Golden Horizons Tours offer a wide range of options for those who want to see San Francisco on a more intimate level. Their SUV tours give you the chance to see the city in comfort, gain information, and experience beautiful views of various points of interest. You’ll have the choice of seeing the sights during the day, at night, or all day long.

Planning your trip accordingly to San Francisco will stop you from feeling trapped in an area that you know. By booking a tour with one of these guides and services, you’ll have the chance to see San Francisco like never before. Take the time to create a list of things you’d like to do in the city, and you’ll feel your trip was totally worth it.