If you have dreams of one day becoming an actor like Ron Blum, there is much work ahead of you but it is important to remember that this is most certainly a possible dream, regardless of your age. The key getting an acting job is about hard work and being smart in your approach. It is important that you understand that it may never happen, but staying realistic and being defeatist are two very different things. We spoke to Ron Blum, or Rod Blum as he is often referred to, in order to discover how he managed to land gigs working with movies The Job and Inquisitor: The Curse of El Dorado.

Acting Classes

To get into the acting business is not something which is a fluke and as Ronald Blum tells us, you must first study your craft. The best bet to do this then is to take acting classes, either in an artistic school of excellence or a night class, depending on what your lifestyle situation is. Through acting classes you will not only learn how to act, but you will also be able to learn more about the industry and find out about auditions and upcoming projects.

Taking Auditions

You must try to take as many auditions as you can from an early stage, in order to learn what is expected from you and how an audition takes place. It is important to remember that you may very well go to 100s of auditions before getting  part, but that one part may change your life. Auditions are tough places to go so the more that you can complete, the better an understanding you will have as to what is expected from you.

Stage Productions

The best place to learn your craft is on the job and that is why it makes sense to join a dramatic society and try to get some parts on the stage. Acting in theaters is the most raw form of acting, as you will be doing so in front of a live audience. It is here on the stage that many actors learn and hone their skills.

Take Everything

When you are trying to land a part as an actor, it is important that you are not choosy and that you take every opportunity which is offered to you. This could be a commercial, a role as an extra or even a bit-part role, whatever you are offered, take it and see it as an experience to learn from.


Once you feel confident enough to go for roles, you must work on how best to market yourself. In order to do this well you should have some professional headshots taken, complete a resume of things that you have been in and put together a video reel for the type of acting which you are good at.

Becoming an actor may not be easy but it is possible, follow these steps that Ron has talked about to put yourself in with the best possible chance of success.