Online Jobs

If you are searching for jobs online, you only actually find 20 percent of the jobs employers are looking to fill. The other 80 percent of jobs can only be found through word of mouth or through recruiters Los Angeles has to offer. LA is especially famous for its “you have to know someone” way of recruiting new employees. Of course, this also holds true for other cities. For example, financial recruiters in Chicago know about lots of available jobs that never make it to the job posting sites. Especially in the finance industry, managers seeking to hire new employees rely on recruitment agencies and on personal recommendations.

It’s Not Just About Numbers

The fact that you have access to five times as many available positions when you apply through an agency as when you apply online should be reason enough. If you need more reasons to apply for jobs through a staffing agency, though, there are plenty. The advantage that recruitment agencies have over the big, faceless Internet is about quality, not just quantity.

Employers who hire through recruiters have a very specific idea of what qualities they are looking for in candidates for each position. At Beacon, recruiters match you to jobs that would be right for you based on personal interviews, not just your resume.

Careers, Not Gigs

Only 20 percent of jobs are advertised online, and the ones that are tend to be the bottom 20 percent. The gig economy thrives on the Internet. If you want a long-lasting job with stability and advancement potential, it is much better to go through a staffing agency.

Four out of every five available jobs never even appear as job postings online. The only way to find them is to go through a job recruiting agency like Beacon.