Instagram Accounts to Follow

Following inspirational accounts in your Instagram can be very motivational for many people. For those who spend numerous hours on their phone you should be aware that everything you see has an impact or effect in your life, so you are ought to a better path by focusing on motivational images. With so much time spend on the phone; make it worth it by following accounts that inspire you.

There are so many motivational accounts in Instagram now a day, so here are the most popular ones followed and mentioned by the majority of the users.


The Good Quote is one of the motivational accounts in instagram with the most followers. Their way of motivating people is different than in other accounts, they give life advices. What they do is they focus on giving you advice that will better yourself, so essentially they are motivating you to change your usual thoughts in order to be able to attract better things into your life.

Follower Count: 13 million


Millionaire Mentor is more of an entrepreneur page that focuses on motivation and inspiration in the business place. The motivational phrases used relate to the way that a person can achieve success by setting their mind to it. This account shows their inspiration through pictures with fancy cars, astounding houses, and luxury lifestyles accompanied by quotes that will get you here by motivating yourself to do so.

Follower Count: 2.6 million


Their motto is “because inspiration matters”, and their account consists of a variety of images and phrases which are motivational but they also carry some humor in them. This account motivates a person to be better, because if they are okay, they can motivate others to do so. Their page is very entertaining because it includes pictures with quotes, which makes the page stand out and not look so plain.

Follower Count: 1.6 million


6AM Has over two thousand publications and is able to reach more than a million users. His account is dedicated to people worldwide, and tries to encourage everyone by living their life on a positive side. 6AM has an online page, and an app as well, in which you can find the same type of motivational content. Their goal is to reach over 10 million followers through the use of encouraging quotes.

Follower Count: 1.2 million


Cleo Wade is what one could consider as a poet, artist and a speaker. Her instagram account consists of a variety of images and phrases. Some people can consider her a feminist, however she speaks from the heart, and touches hard truths. She posts a lot of pictures from her talks and posts captions on motivational life advices. She is a businesswoman; therefore she focuses on powerful quotes to woman in the workplace, and also quotes that motivate a person to better themselves and to help motivate others to do so. Although she doesn’t have as much followers as other users, she is quite popular, and a lot of people consider her and her words to be inspiring.

Follower Count: 281k