We all crave those beach bodies, but when it comes to the crunch, many of us just can’t stand the heat and soon buckle with our fitness plans as soon as summer arrives.

As a successful fitness instructor based in Perth, Australia, this is something that Lisa Dudzik knows all about. In fact, as a foreign instructor, this is something that she has recognized all over the world, even amongst those clients that have all of the resources available known to man.

As such, training in the heat is certainly a problem. Whether you are based in Perth in Australia, like Dudzik, or in another part of the world which receives similarly hot temperatures, let’s read some of her advice which can help you appeal to exercising in the heat a little more.

Timing is crucial

Unfortunately, everyone has a preferred time to exercise. When summer comes, this is something that you might have to compromise according to Lisa Dudzik though.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Perth or any other city in the world, the hottest period is going to be in the middle of the day (usually, between 10am and 3pm). Suffice to say, if outdoor training is your thing, this is the time you need to avoid like the plague.

Instead, opt to train during the early hours as soon as you wake up, or in the evening when the sun is starting to set. Your training will be much more bearable and ultimately, you will reap more rewards.

You are what you wear

They say that a good workman should never blame his tools, but in the peak of summer this is certainly advice that you should avoid according to Lisa Dudzik.

This is the occasion where you really need to make the most of everything around, and your clothing is one of these. When the temperature is soaring, turn to any garments that are light in colour. This will help to reflect the heat and ultimately keep you a lot cooler.

It doesn’t stop there, though. In addition, you should try and shell out a little more money for running clothing with so-called technology embedded into them. While this might sound like a marketing fad, the materials used within these will keep you cooler and make your exercise a lot more pleasant.

It’s not just about water

As you may have already expected, there’s no doubt that water is going to play a huge part in your exercise regime during the warmer months. There is more to it than this though, and Lisa Dudzik says that all-too many athletes forget to reap the benefits of sports drinks.

Again, it can be easy to try and ignore the marketing spiel, but there is plenty of method in what a lot of these drinks are trying to achieve. They are attempting to replenish your salt and electrolytes – two elements that are going to drop significantly when the temperatures start increasing and the sweat starts pouring.