In 2010, 80,000 tons of ginseng was used in international commerce. Almost all of this came from four countries, being the United States, Canada, China, and South Korea. It is believed that the popularity of the ginseng drink is the reason why the product is now found in more than 35 countries all over the world, with a global sales figure of $2 billion, 50% of which comes from South Korea.

Where the Ginseng Drink Comes from

South Korea is likely to always be the largest ginseng grower and china is likely to remain the largest ginseng consumer. However comma our local market equally enjoyed it and most ginseng in North America is produced in Wisconsin, and Ontario, British Columbia. The industry was found to be incredibly profitable, which is why it has been cultivated as a domestic drop since the end of the 19th century. Unfortunately, it will be came over harvested, leading to scarcity in wild roots. This is why American ginseng is now CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora) protected.This means that, in the state where it is still grown, very strict regulations and prohibitions are in place for digging for the root, although poaching continues to be a serious problem because wild and old roots are the most valuable.

Cultivated ginseng is not endangered at all and is also a very important crop. It is mainly grown in Wisconsin, where 200g produced around 90% of all the cultivated ginseng in this country. American ginseng can be found naturally in Ontario, Canada and in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New York. Research has shown that drinking American ginseng tea or otherwise consuming it can help to balance blood sugar, fight depression, improve focus, relieve digestive problems linked to anxiety, and boost the immune system. It is not as effective as Asian ginseng but still has significant benefits.

Energy – The Biggest American Ginseng Benefit

The biggest benefit of American ginseng is that it influences the way the body metabolises energy. Essentially, muscles are able to remain active for longer before fatigue sets in. The plant also comes, which further enhances this effect. When people consume American ginseng, they often feel both more energetic and more at ease.

The Cultivation of American Ginseng

It takes around six years of growing before American ginseng can be used. To protect it from over harvesting, it is now cultivated on farms. The leaves grow around the stem in a circular shape and it has yellow green flowers in the shape of an umbrella. From the center of the plant, the flowers produce red berries. As the plant ages, its neck start to wrinkle. The benefits of ginseng are found in its roots and the older the root is, the stronger the benefits are. This is why all the plans are also so much more valuable. It truly is a wonderful plant and one that has a significant impact on our economy and on the health and well-being of individuals across the world.