Not everybody is aware of the fact that they are arrest records are completely public. This means anybody is able to look them up should they want to do so. In fact, it is even possible to obtain a free criminal background check from Checkpeople. Because this information is publicly and openly available, it is not recommended that people look themselves up, thereby enabling them to find out whether or not the information is accurate.

Obtaining a Free Criminal Background Check from Checkpeople

Because arrest records are public, it is possible to for anyone to see who was arrested, what they were arrested for, and whether there was a victim involved. They can even see when and where a crime took place. What an arrest record does not show is whether or not the person was found guilty of the crime they were arrested for. Indeed, it may not even show whether someone went to trial at all. If they did go to trial and they were found not guilty, it is possible to request the records to have been sealed, at which point the individual come once again say that they were never arrested.

A rap sheet, by contrast, is not a public record. Only the courts and law enforcement professionals can access doors. This is a far more detailed record in which a physical description of the alleged criminal is also included.

Similarly, you will struggle to find a free criminal record for anyone who committed a crime as a juvenile. This is because these records are very well protected once the individual turns 18. In fact, in some cases, those records can be fully expunged. Meanwhile, the easiest records to find are those of sex offenders because these have to be listed publicly and be easy to find. This is because the general public should be protected from potential sex offenders at all times.

Why You May Need to Access Free Arrest Records

One of the many reasons why someone may want to access free arrest records is because they are selling firearms. If someone wishes to purchase a weapon, yet they have been arrested in the past for assault with a deadly weapon, then they should not be sold a firearm even if their case has not been tried yet. That is because these individuals are security risks and they should be prevented from accessing deadly weapons.

Similarly, more and more people now get to know each other online first, and they want to know whether the individual they are communicating with is who they say they are. This is particularly important in the world of online dating, where it is all too easy for someone to Catfish someone else. Not only can this lead to a lot of heartache, it also has the potential to be very dangerous, particularly if one of the individuals has a violent criminal background or one that was of a sexual nature. At the end of the day, public records are public because they are there to protect everyday citizens from potential harm.