In those first few minutes, when your car gets hit hard by an on-coming car, your whole life flashes in front of your eyes. The moment your car stops spinning, the trauma keeps you rooted to your seat, that is, if you are not injured. The game changes completely, if you feel your body aching from all angles and a bleed that you cannot identify. While you are sitting there all banged up, the other driver is completely fine.

You know your injuries are severe and that the car is pretty badly banged up. The next few moments define how you will be able to cope with the injury. There are certain important phone calls that need to be made right after the accident and a few essential steps that should be taken immediately, so that you can claim your motor accident insurance. Here’s what you need to do:

Call the Police

The first step should be to call the police, so that evidence is not compromised. You need to preserve the accident site, so that when the police arrive, they can charge the person at fault. In case the other driver runs off, proceed to the next step.

Collect Evidence

If you have a phone by your side, then take pictures of your vehicle, the other vehicle and its license plate number, the accident site and your injuries. If there were witnesses standing nearby, ask them if they would be willing to give a detailed account on what happened. Take their phone number and then wait nearby for the help to arrive. In case, you are unable to take any kind of information, let the police do their work and do not interfere.

Call Your Insurance Company

Certain insurance companies require you to call them immediately after an accident. If you are unable to do so, then call an insurance lawyer such as those at Companies such as these act on your behalf and make sure that all evidence and documents are in order, so that you get your due compensation in time.

Seek Medical Attention

After getting checked out by the on-sight ambulance, seek a medical professional. When a medical report states that your suffering and pain from the injuries exceed 10% of impairment threshold, then you can seek compensation for it. Similarly, there are several types of compensation for injuries such as a permanent injury will grant you compensation until the age of 64. Then, there’s treatment expense, loss of income and domestic care. Collect all the appointment receipts and prescriptions from the following professionals:

  • Doctors

  • Physical therapists

  • Chiropractors

  • Specialists you were asked to visit for further treatment

Make sure that the reports are signed and stamped by professionals because amateur doctors can extend the treatment, which the insurance company will not compensate for.

Get a Damage Valuation of Your Car

Get in touch with your insurance company and find out what damages can be fixed on your vehicle insurance. Make sure that you have the damage catalogued from all angles, so that you are not paying expenses out of your pocket.

Getting evidence immediately after an accident sometimes can be difficult. If you are unable to do so, either hand the phone to witness to take pictures or wait for the police to arrive on the site and take care of everything. The medical reports and photographs taken by the police will be evidence enough to get you your motor accident insurance.