Memorable brands are always on top of the mind of their customers. Businesses that succeed in creating a well-known and beloved brand jump right to the top of referrals and sales. Their existing customers keep buying from them and new ones are eager to buy and test them out. For any business, it is a win-win situation, no matter from which end we slice it.

To make a brand memorable, the right branding strategy is a requisite. Of course, the quality of the product should remain the primary focus; strategic branding also plays a major part in determining how well it will connect with the audience targeted. And yet, there are many businesses that still remain unconvinced of it. They believe that brands that succeed in delivering ‘what was promised’ is enough.

It isn’t, and we too have compelling reasons to prove it. Here is a brief of the benefits businesses can receive when they create a memorable brand.

  1. Lead Generation

The biggest advantage any memorable or strong brand enjoys is the generation of leads – both in quality and quantity. Memorable brands generate first-rate word-of-mouth which drives away leads from competitors and brings them to you. Any satisfied customer who buys from you will surely spread the word. This reinforces brand recognition. A quick recognition translates to amplified leads and prospective customers.

  1. Effective Advertising

Marketing efforts by memorable brands don’t go in vain either. The moment people recognize the brand, they pay more attention to be in the know of what it is offering this time around. The recall and attention-giving is very similar to when we hear a familiar name or song on the radio. We either stop to listen or sing along to the lyrics of it, only because we feel a connection. This form of advertising can be done in a number of ways such as with television ads, branded and logoed merchandise like, and social media campaigns etc..

  1. Ease of Addition

Memorable brands have a dedicated following. They take the brand higher and help it achieve new benchmarks. This makes it easier for businesses to introduce new products and services in their portfolio without hesitation. They know there will soon be adopters. And it is true. When brands know that they will be loved regardless of double experiments, they don’t fear new entrants in their portfolio. Apple inc. is a prime example of this. It will always have customers lined up outside its store no matter what they launch.

  1. Customer Loyalty

Customers trust strong brands. The recognition and elevation any memorable brand enjoys leads to customer royalty. What make brands memorable are the shared values they deliver. It is these values that get conveyed to other customers later. Memorable brands last a lifetime and are also transferred to future generations.

  1. Competitive Edge

Memorable and service-based brands easily achieve a competitive edge over their competition. Memorable brands are backed up and rooted for by loyal customers. When the demand continues to surge, it becomes easier for businesses to earn that competitive edge they had long been waiting for. The more recognition it receives, the stronger it becomes. Soon, there comes a point when it surpasses all competitors and munches on the biggest market share.