Build a Resume

Nowadays, it seems like most companies are looking for work experience when choosing new employees. This is a huge problem for fresh graduates because, having just graduated from college, they don’t have enough work experience to make them attractive candidates.

The good news is that you can start building your resume while still in college. There are a lot of ways to make yourself a top candidate, but here are some of the best ways:

1. Join a non-profit organization

Charity work will look good in your resume, and it will be an impressive topic of conversation during your interview. The interviewer will be interested to know about the events that you have participated in, especially if you were an organizer or fundraiser for a non-profit organization. They may ask about the details of the event, e.g. how many people attended it, how much money was raised, and how the event benefited the recipient of the money raised. This will showcase your ability to handle huge responsibilities, which is always attractive to potential employers.

Of course, aside from event organizing and fundraising, there are also other charity works like building houses for families in poor communities, teaching underprivileged children, and volunteering at a nursing home or soup kitchen.

In addition, your experience with a non-profit organization will teach you a lot of important life lessons that will help you when you join the real world. You will learn how to deal with people, to work with others, and to organize events, among others.

2. Become a social media brand ambassador

If you have a lot of followers on social media, you can easily become an online brand ambassador. Usually, brands approach social media influencers who have a huge following to offer them a deal, but there are also brands that have application forms on their websites for those who want to be their ambassador.

You might be asking, how will this experience help your resume? Well, part of your duty as a social media ambassador is to present the brand in the best light possible. You represent what the brand is about and why consumers need to trust the brand. Putting it simply, your main objective is to engage customers and to convince them to make a purchase. Customer engagement is always an important aspect of sales and marketing. You can use your experience as a social media brand ambassador to make yourself an attractive candidate during a job application.

3. Start a blog

Blogging can be beneficial to your future career in several ways. One, it serves as a portfolio that showcases your expertise on a given field. It establishes you as a leader who really knows what you’re talking about, so when you apply for a job, you have something concrete to show your potential employer. Blogging also attracts companies to you. If you are able to establish a successful blog, employers will find a way to you and may even offer you an interview even if you don’t send an application. In addition, a blog allows you to create a digital footprint where you can gain a following and build a platform. This is attractive to employers in terms of marketing and networking. Lastly, it enables you to learn skills that you can use in your future job such as SEO, social media engagement, website analytics, etcetera.

4. Try freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to build a portfolio and to create relationships with clients who can write you recommendations for when you’re ready to apply for a job after college. If you’re planning to join a creative field, e.g. voice acting, animating, designing or writing, then the projects that you’ll work on as a freelancer will help you hone your skills and talents. You can also present these projects (with your clients’ permission) to your future employer to showcase what you can do with your abilities.

Freelancing is also considered by most employers as a job experience, so you’ll get an advantage over other candidates during job applications and interviews.

5. Join an internship and keep your GPA up

Even though the internet has changed the way the world and business work, tradition is still important, especially for a job application. Therefore, joining an internship program and keeping your GPA up will still help your resume a lot. Don’t take these two things for granted because they are what an employer first considers when looking at your resume.

Experience makes you a top candidate during job applications and interviews. Hopefully, these tips have given you a few ideas on how you can build a strong resume. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a great way to gain work experience, Greek U offers many opportunities to college students. For example, you can become a content writer, social media influencer and brand ambassador for Greek U. Click here to learn more about what opportunities are available to you.