A lot of people are instantly impressed when they hear of artillery fireworks. They often don’t know exactly what it is, but considering its name, they presume it will make quite a lot of noise. And they’re not wrong. If you want to purchase this type of fireworks, however, you do need to know what they are and how to use them safely.

What Are Artillery Fireworks?

Typically, this type of fireworks is shaped like a canister or ball and is made of paper or cardboard that has been filled with the relevant pyrotechnic composition for the color and effects. At the shell’s bottom is a lift charge, which will send the shell up into the air. This is what is attached to the fuse as well.The shell isp lace in a tube that artillery fireworks should come with as standards. Those tubes maybe fiberglass or cardboard, although the best ones are HDPE and have a reinforced ring attached as well.

How Does Artillery Fireworks Perform?

In terms of performance, this type of firework can have multiple breaks and a range of effects. They come in a range of different strengths, each with their own effect. The 60g canister shell is the most powerful one that is still classed as a consumer firework. It is often referred to as the “Excalibur”. Additionally, there are various other shells that come with vibrant colors and unique effects. The smallest tend to be the 515b shells. They are also far more affordable and still create a beautiful effect in the sky.

Artillery Fireworks Safety

The most important thing with any type of firework is to be safe. Artillery fireworks are very powerful and you need to take that seriously. Hence:

  • Use safety glasses.
  • Do not light fireworks when intoxicated.
  • Brace the tubes on all sides and place it on a flat, hard surface before lighting.
  • Never allow any part of your body to go over the tube.
  • Read the instructions before lighting the firework and follows those instructions to the letter.

Another thing to consider is whether your state, county, and municipality allow you to purchase and light fireworks. The rules vary tremendously depending on where in the country you live and you have to make sure that you are fully compliant with them. There are certain parts in the country where you cannot purchase any fireworks, not even a sparkler, yourself. There are even more parts where certain dates and times are completely banned from fireworks displays, including at home domestic ones. This is all down to safety.

Artillery Fireworks Jargon

Now that you know what this type of firework is and how you can use it safely, all that remains is to introduce you to some of the terms often used to describe this type of firework. Specifically, they are known by lots of different names, including onion balls, reloadable sells, ball shells, canisters, festival balls, and mortar shells. They are all the same thing.