Who says you have to be stuck in an office to get the work done?  Digital nomads enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere at any time so they are always on the move.

However, staying productive on the go is no easy task.  But it can get a whole lot easier if you have the right tools at hand. Are you an active or prospective digital nomad? These essential tools can strip your everyday work-life of the usual hassles.


Never lose track of what is happening on a project with Trello. This free project management tool makes collaboration across remote teams more efficient. Trello allows users add comments, attachment, due dates, labels, checklist etc, to boards, making project organisation a breeze.

Individuals can also keep tabs of their project and organise and prioritise tasks more flexible with the app. So, you can be miles away and still remain in sync with your team.

Asana, Buckets, and Basecamp are some other project management tools you may want to consider too


You can move from place to place and still remain in touch with the people and things you work with via slack, an online communication and collaborative hub. Slack unites people, messages, files and tools in a cohesive way that ensures time-saving and effective collaboration.

Upgrading to a paid version of the app also unleashes other interesting features like screen sharing, slack calls, tool integrations etc. So, you can stay away and yet stay in touch.


Are you too busy trying to figure out where next to go or what to do on your next trip. Don’t let that important information slide while you are caught up in the frenzy. Pocket lets you save articles, images, and videos you find on the web to your device, and you can view them later without an internet connection.

Thus, you can now have better control over what information you want and access them at your own convenience.


If you don’t have the habit of note taking or you haven’t replaced your traditional pen and paper with this note-taking app, then you are definitely missing the good stuff. Don’t miss out on important details while on the move.

Make your notes smarter, organized and always accessible with the Evernote App. You can also add links, tables, checklist and even audio recordings to your notes. Therefore, whether it’s for business or pleasure, get clicking on Evernote


Are you into E-commerce or do you own a drop shipping business? You can run your business more efficiently on the web with the EMERGE App. This simple inventory management system also comes with some simple accounting tools that small businesses will find valuable,

Its “Task and note features”, also facilitate sharing and collaboration of files across your business. Now you can stay in charge even on the move –you simply do not want to do without the EMERGE App.


Travelling again? Do you understand the language spoken in your next destination? Take the stress off your personal and work life by ensuring you can communicate with people you meet on your voyages. With translations in over 100 languages, the itranslate app is your perfect travel companion.

This app can translate speech to text and even images taken with a camera as well. And the best part– you can get translations without an internet connection too. Unfortunately, it is only available to iOS users at this time.

Work hard Anywhere

Finding a suitable workstation in a foreign city can be very daunting without reliable information at your fingertips. You don’t want to get stuck in a place all day without getting anything done because of some problem or the other.

With Work Hard Anywhere, a crowdsourced app– users can locate workspaces in a given area and rate services offered, such as the internet speed, workspace size, and even the type of food or drinks served. So, the next time you are in a new location and you are unsure of where to work, you may want to make a stop here.


Time management is crucial for any serious-minded worker, including the digital nomad. What exactly are you doing with your time? How much time are you spending on a particular project? Are you getting adequately compensated for your time? Toggl can provide answers to these questions and much more.

It also syncs your tracking data across all your devices, extensions and the website, so you can track time while on the move with your mobile phone. You definitely want to check this one out if you haven’t already. You can get even more exciting and advanced features when you switch to the full plan.

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the tools that can promote a smooth nomadic work life, having these should set you on the right track.

Whatever you do though, always ensure that those digital devices remain powered up at all times, else productivity will continue to elude you.