Las Vegas is famous for many things: its occasions, its nightlife and of course, its shows. From world-famous pop stars having year-long residencies to magic shows, there is no shortage of fun performances to see in Las Vegas.

The downside to this is that many of these shows are as expensive as they are world-renowned with some of them costing hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a single ticket. This alone can discourage even the most enthusiastic visitors.Fortunately, there are many ways to get Las Vegas to show tickets for less.

1.         Book early:

Many shows have early bird discounts for their tickets, and for good reason. Oftentimes, there is less demand for a ticket when they are first released and so discounts are given for those who buy early.

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas and you intend to see a show, buy your tickets as early as possible.Some shows can be booked up to a year in advance. This will not only help you save money it will also be an opportunity for you to get your choice seats as most venues will not be fully booked.

2.         Buy during the off-season:

Ticket prices for shows soar during the summertime due to the huge influx of tourists.

During this time, ticket prices can double and even triple due to demand. To avoid this, try visiting Las Vegas at times that are not popular with tourists such as early in the year.Because there are fewer people around, show venues often cut down the prices of their tickets and thus, they will be cheaper to purchase.If you are able to, plan your Las Vegas trip around off-season times and save money not just on your show tickets but overall.

3.         Buy online:

There is a number of online retailers which sell Las Vegas Attraction tickets for less.This means that you can get tickets to concerts, shows and so on for a fraction of the price. Be sure to check for tickets for your desired show well ahead of time.

4.         Buy in bulk:

This really only works if you are traveling as a family or a group. Most venues will give a discount if you buy many tickets at the same time.This could be an amount off the cost of each ticket or a free ticket whenever you buy more than a certain amount at once.

If you are traveling with others, try to coordinate your activities to ensure that you can take advantage of bulk discounts for show tickets.

5.         Look local:

The most famous and renowned shows in Las Vegas are also the most expensive due to the many people who come out to see them.

If you are looking for entertainment in Las Vegas on a budget, you might want to consider seeing smaller shows by local artists that might not be as well-known.Tickets for these sorts of shows will be cheaper.


Seeing a show in Las Vegas doesn’t have to cost a fortune.Consider the following tips to see shows in Las Vegas while on a budget.