Texas has many famous landmarks and monuments, both natural and manmade. But the secrets hiding in Texas Hill Country are perhaps some of the most beautiful and scenic hideaways that you can find off the beaten path.

We’ve found some amazing places in the Texas Hill Country that we think you’ll enjoy, especially if you’re planning to bypass the usual tourist attractions.


This little out-of-the-way town contains a post office, a dance hall, and a general store, and that’s about all. But this hamlet has been the inspiration for many songwriters and singers, such as Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. So if you’re looking for a place to hear great music on your travels, then find out what artists are playing here. There are indoor and outdoor concerts on the calendar year round.


Kerrville is home to numerous performing arts groups and is a great place to visit when you’re looking for a cultural experience without the hustle and bustle of Texas’ larger cities. There are also plenty of accommodations, local shops, and restaurants that make this place an ideal getaway for those wanting to get away from crowded cities but not quite comfortable with the idea of a rugged camping trip. The Texas State Arts and Crafts Fair is well worth a trip to the town as it attracts artisans from all over the state.

Dripping Springs

The Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve is tucked away in the heart of this Texas Hill Country haven. This pristine pool was created when an underground river caved in and created a crater. The beautiful, clear waters of this popular swimming area make stunning photography backdrops, and there are plenty of places to hike and explore near the adjoining waterfall. This is a perfect place to cool off on a hot Texas summer day. You will certainly want to find nearby accommodations since this trip could easily last a whole day.


A trip to the hill country wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Fredericksburg. “Little Germany”, as the town is affectionately called is home to numerous local restaurants and inns that are close to other hill country attractions.

The  Fredericksburg Herb Farm provides some unique accommodations. Guests can stay in Sunday Cottages, which closely resemble the cottages the early settlers built for trips to town. The herb farm also hosts a spa, fine dining, and a gift shop.

Garner State Park

This secluded state park is the perfect place for primitive camping and hiking off the beaten trail. The breathtaking park is located near the beautiful Frio River.

Garner State Park has no shortage of activities. Visitors can hike, paddle boat, camp, or even attend a jukebox dance. A trip to this park is a memorable experience for any group.

The Texas Hill Country is an amazing place to explore, whether you’re looking for art and culture or a glimpse of the state’s heritage, or even if you just want to enjoy nature. A trip to this region is a great way for individuals and groups to have a great time off the beaten path.