There are hundreds if not thousands of different search engine optimization strategies (SEO strategies) around. One of the reasons why there are so many is because the Google and other search engine algorithms change regularly comma which leads to SEO strategies having to be altered. However, there are some strategies that truly have stood the test of time period no matter what algorithm changes have been made, these strategies continue to have a positive impact on overall search engine page rankings (SERPs).

3 Top Search Engine Optimization Strategies

  1. Focusing on On-Page Optimization

The first strategy is to keep on page optimization in mind. This means it isn’t about the content, but rather the web page itself and the HTML codes in particular. HTML meta keywords tags are now completely useless because they were abused so much, but some of them continue to be popular. Those include:

  • Proper formatting.
  • Optimizing keywords and keyword phrases.
  • Alt attributes.
  • Meta descriptions.
  1. Internal Linking

The second strategy is about link building, and particularly internal linking. This means that the web pages contained within a single domain are linked together. Doing so ensures that the keyword anchor text is far more noticeable for the spiders but it also helps a variety of other things, including:

  • That it establishes a site structure that is easy to navigate.
  • That it creates road maps for the search engine bots to use when looking for new content.
  • That it allows different pages to lend each other link equity.
  1. Leveraging UGC (User Generated Content)

Last but not least, the UGC strategy has always remained popular. This means that you use content that has been created not by the website owners or marketers, but rather by those who use the website. Good examples of UGC include comments, reviews, questions, and social media postings. UGC has been around and a major player on how websites are found since SEO was first developed. By leveraging it properly, website owners can get in a number of key benefits, including:

  • That it helps you to highlight the keywords that others will find you on.
  • That it increases the value of any links dropped within this type of content.
  • That it allows you to promote your ugc.

These are the three strategies that have always been popular and will always remain popular within the world of SEO. There is one other thing that will always be of vital importance, which is content. The expression is that content is king and it looks like this will always remain the case. What changes, however, is the type of content and what the search engines expect in terms of how it is created and presented, and what kind of keyword density is acceptable. For instance, video and multimedia content is now becoming increasingly popular. It makes sense that content is king, since people will not be interested in visiting a website that is completely devoid of content. After all, people go in line in order to find something.