CampingThere’s nothing quite like stripping your life down, escaping the buzz of the city and going on a camping trip. However, if you strip things too far you could be facing some serious problems. The golden rule of camping is to always be prepared!

To help you make the most of your next camping trip we’ve made a list of our top 12 camping hacks that every happy camper should know.

1. Use Tin Cups to Cook Breakfast

Tin cups are not only perfect for your campfire coffee, but they can also be used to make an amazing tentside breakfast. Simply add your favourite ingredients into the cup (bacon, tomato, sausage etc.), crack your eggs over and place the cup over the coals. You will have a morning feast in no time.

2. Make Sure Your Car is Insured

Car insurance may not be the first thing on every campers mind, but once you hit that bumpy mountain road it will become a clear concern. Damaging your vehicle before you’ve even pitched your tent could really bring down your whole getaway, so make sure that you are covered before venturing into the wilderness.

3. Make Firelighters From Tea Bags

Instead of throwing away used tea bags, you could rather soak them in some paraffin and have a perfectly good fire lighter. Next time you forget your fire starters at home, fear not because a quick cup of tea could be the answer! This also gives you bonus points for making your trip more eco-friendly.

4. Stay In Shape

As leisurely as camping can be, it also requires a strong body. Keeping your body in shape through regular exercise will only make your camping experience smoother and safer. Packing and unpacking your car, setting up your campsite, gathering firewood and making a fire can be exhausting if your body is not ready – and these are only the first few activities you will do. Keep in mind, you’ve got to explore the nearby mountains and forests!

5. Create a Lamp With Your Head Torch

If you are struggling with light, strap your head torch to a big bottle of water and your problem will be solved! The water will create a glowing lamp which can light up your entire tent.

6. Put Together Some Quick Coffee Bags Using Coffee Filters

Place a big spoon of ground coffee into a coffee filter, bundle it into a ball and tie the top closed with dental floss. This will give you a ready-to-brew coffee bag which you can make just like you would tea. A great way to make your morning much easier.

7. Prep No-Cook Meals in Advance

Preparing some no-cook meals before your trip will allow you to eat healthy meals without worrying about how to cook them in the outdoors. All you need to do is make sure that you have the ingredients ready to be thrown together at a moments notice. Tinned beans, pre-cooked chicken pieces and wraps are perfect food choices to simplify your camping trip.

8. Keep Your Phone Charged

Investing in a portable power bank will allow you to keep your phone charged no matter where you are. This would let you access your phones GPS at the ready whenever you may need it – a total necessity for the modern day camper.

9. Store Your Matches in a Glass Jar

You certainly don’t want to find all your matches ruined by water when you’re camping in the middle of nature. By storing your matches in a glass jar, you will be able to seal them tightly against water – as well as most other damages that the flimsy cardboard box can’t withstand. You can even reuse the glass jar in many other ways, such as storing leftover food.

10. Use Your Clothes as a Pillow

Stuff any clothes you have into an empty pillow case in order to create your own pillow. This will allow you to save a great deal space when packing. Not only will this simplify your load, but empty pillow cases can also be used as a bag to store things when packing up.

11. Baby Wipes Will keep You Fresh

When you are stuck without a shower (or maybe even running water), a pack of baby wipes can go a long way. Make sure to always store some wipes in your tent, because nothing beats being able to still freshen up after a smoky night around the campfire.

12. Avoid Tripping Over Tent Pegs

Attach a piece of bright, neon cloth around any tent pegs or ropes. This will allow to see these in the dark of night so that you can avoid tripping over them and hurting yourself.


So grab your tents, your sleeping bag, all of the above must haves and some good company! Summer is here and with these hacks, you will be camping all season long.